A bit about how Jewellery Lady started...

Once upon a time, there was a young couple who travelled from London to Mexico to visit their friend who lived there. The friend asked what they’d be interested in seeing in Mexico as he could show them around. One of the things they were interested in was hand painted tiles. Luckily for them, this was a local speciality so they visited a little factory where they were able to choose a design based on some hand painted plates, and the artists converted it into a tile design for them. The couple was very pleased with the sample tile they were presented with so they ordered some beautiful tiles for one day when they could use them somewhere... This "somewhere" ended up being the kitchen in a quaint little Art Deco beach house in Hermanus, South Africa... Click here to see some pictures!  

The friend also knew of a town in the mountains in County Guerrero where they mine and manufacture beautiful sterling silver jewellery, so the 3 friends made the journey to Taxco, where they spent a day admiring all the beautiful wares created by local silversmiths. The girl was lucky enough that her husband bought her a birthday present (to this day the Birthday Bracelet is one of our best selling items!) and they also shopped for gifts for friends and family. 

Taxco Shopping 2017

From there the idea for a business opportunity came... everyone was delighted with their presents, so the couple went back 5 weeks later with the sole purpose to shop for silver! That was in 2005, and the girl has been slowly growing her business ever since. She started by hosting jewellery parties and trading at market stalls, and in 2008 launched her first website, www.cholulaplata.com.

Once a year the couple travel back to Mexico to hand-pick new, unusual & beautiful items, along with replenishing their stock of some old favourites, like the Birthday Bracelet that was the seedling from which the whole business grew, and that we’ve stocked all these years! 

2012 Brought with it the opportunity to re-brand the business from Cholula Plata to the more memorable Jewellery Lady, along with the new website www.jewellerylady.com.  

Furthermore, in 2015 they relocated thei business from London back to the lovely Cape Town where they grew up! 

I hope you like the story of how Jewellery Lady came to be!  I'm enjoying putting down new roots, establishing my brand and building my customer base in South Africa, while continuing to provide jewellery to loyal customers in the United Kingdom with any lift I can get!

Hopefully you grow to love Jewellery Lady as much as I do...

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